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miercuri, 30 martie 2011

Hey, Pineapple Head!

Dont u think that u should shut the fuck up ? :) Huuh ?
I see you all bitchez wanna be on my blog and you'd do anythang to get on it.
Why dont u just say it ? Instead of making lame ass posts. :) :*
Oh and please, try and do a surgical operation to your damn head girl! Or maybe the doctors wont even try to fix it. LOL

Yours truly, TT Girl.

vineri, 25 februarie 2011

Not so dear "friend" ...

Just wanna let you know that I made this just for fun. :) And I just got bored to stay here behind the computer and spy your wrong moves and then make fun of you all. It was all fun and games until I realized that I have my own life and I ain't no freaking loser to just, again, make fun of you. :) Be free to make whatever the fuck you all want. :) Just for a short time. When I'll get bored I will start making fun of you again cause that's my job. :)) lots of hate from TT girl! :)

marți, 11 ianuarie 2011

Huh ... ? /:)

Okay! First of all..

  • I DO have friends! a lot of ones! ;)
  • I'm not the one who needs a dildo, you need one!
  • I don't! and I repeat! I DO NOT use Google Translate. I think that your're the one who uses it. ;)
If you all wanna talk anything about me, at least talk something that's true. :) Oh, sorry! I forgot that nobody knows who I am. Anyways, I love how you all try to get at me and I don't give a damn. :)

Lots of love, TT Girl. :*

luni, 10 ianuarie 2011

oh my Gawd. Where the Emo party at ? |: lawl
where did you all got the style from ? Grocery Store ? xD
I see that you all, WHORES like when I talk about you, right ?
I DO have inspiration, but I just wanted to stop wasting my time with 'hoes like you! ;) Do you all want me to start show up my opinions about your fake skin and wannabe stuff ? Well, ok then. ;)
You better WATCH OUT !

joi, 30 decembrie 2010


You are on the blog now!
Fuck your boobs and those fucking lips that seems that you got them
from a fucking cow! ;)